100,000 Visitors!

100,000 I was going to give this $100,000 dollar bill away to the 100,000th visitor to my website.  However, there was just one problem.  I didn’t know the identity of the 100,000th visitor any more than I knew whose picture was on the $100,000th dollar bill.  But whoever the 100,000th visitor was, and whoever all the other 99,999 visitors were, I want to thank you!

It was in January of 2008 that I decided to create my own website and offer some of my thoughts for anyone else out there who might be interested in reading them.  So I began and by word-of-mouth and less than two years later, we have reached the 100,000 visitor mark.  (Actually, we reached 100,000 visits approximately 6 months ago, but due to a backup glitch, I lost approximately 30,000 visits to my counter.  But the counter has now “officially” turned over the 100,000 mark).

To me, 100,000 seems to be one of those milestone numbers.  Consequently, I’ve done a little reflecting.  First of all, I thought of how easy it is to reach so many people today.  We have mediums available to us today that were unknown, in fact, unimaginable to former generations.  However, with opportunity comes responsibility.  Are we using this medium as well as we can be?  Are we exploring, brainstorming, and implementing new ways to use this technology to reach the lost and strengthen the saved?  We need some men and women of vision to step forward with cutting-edge ideas on how to use this mass medium.

I have also come to realize just how many men there are who are disciples of Jesus, but are not “full-time” preachers.  These men work secular jobs through the week and preach for congregations on the weekend.  Hardly will a week go by that I don’t receive an email from someone in this situation who is pressed for time and ideas who find the sermon outlines on this site helpful to them.  They’re not “lazy students.”  They’re not “looking for a shortcut.”  They’re trying to do the best they can with the time they have and I commend them for saying “yes” when saying “no” would be much easier.

So anyway, I just want to say “thank you” to those who are reading this, and for visiting this site.  I would also like to ask you to pass the word along to others if you feel this site could be beneficial to others.  No, I don’t have any delusions that I will set the world on fire through this website, but I do want to be found “striking matches” when the Lord comes again!

Oh, and by the way…Woodrow Wilson…it’s his picture on the $100,000 dollar bill in case you wanted to know.

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  • Well, I guess that I’ll just have to step up and confess that I was the 100,000th visitor. Would you like to introduce me to your friend, Mr. Wilson?

    Congratulations, Steve! You’re a great asset to the cause of Christ.

  • Sure Mark, you can read all about Mr. Wilson at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodrow_wilson 😉

  • I am one of those that work a secular job through the week and preach on the weekend. I very much appreciate the comments you made in “100,000 Visitors”. I preach regularly for the Cedar Grove congregation in Big Sandy, TN. I like to read posts like yours as they are inspiring as well as helpful to me. The web is a great tool that we all can use to share information. I just have to say that we still have a great responsibility to “Preach the Word” and be very careful of what we find on the vast world wide web.

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