President Lincoln? He’s A Friend Of Mine

abeLast night, the Young-n-Heart group at South Green Street had a Valentine meal with a special guest speaker…Abraham Lincoln!  No, really, take a look at the picture to the left.  There he is, flesh and blood sitting in our church building.  You just thought he was shot in Ford Theater.  He looks pretty good for a man who is now 200 years old and two days!

Actually, this is a picture of brother John Mansfield who lives in Nashville, TN.  Of course, as you can see, he’s a Lincoln impersonator.  John spoke to us as Abraham Lincoln last night, and had every one’s undivided attention for nearly an hour.  His talk was both entertaining and informative.

steve-abeIf you ever want to have a fun dinner or event for a group within your congregation, you ought to give John a call.  John is renown as a Lincoln impersonator, twice winning the look-alike contest in Hodgenville, KY, the birthplace of Lincoln.

For part of the evening, we all got our pictures taken with “President Lincoln.”  After having those pictures made, I got to imagining what might someday transpire.  I can just see my great-grandchildren looking through old photographs and coming across my picture, shaking hands with President Lincoln.  They probably won’t know the difference.

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