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ph6_foldtransparentI want to inform everyone of a new app that will update and replace my old app called “iDevotions.” This new app is called “Preaching Help,” and will contain what was on the old “iDevotions” app, plus more. Presently, the app is available for download for the iPhone/iPad and will soon be available on the Android platform.

In 2010, I decided to create an app that would provide people with daily devotional material as well as other things. The only hitch was that I knew nothing about programming.  So I learned of a brother in Christ named Tyler Brassfield, who was a programmer.  Tyler did a great job and creating my app, and at a very affordable cost  (if you’re thinking about creating an app, check with Tyler).  That app had over 5,600 downloads, which I thought was a great success.

The New App
The new app will still contain most of what “iDevotions” contained as well as some new features.  Here’s what you will have access to in the new app:

  1. Weekly Sermons preached at the Karns Church of Christ.  These sermons will be available in audio and video for streaming or download and playback.
  2. MercEmail articles.  These are brief, daily, devotional messages that are intended to encourage or be thought provoking.
  3. Blog.  This app will also make available the the blog articles I write at preachinghelp.org.
  4. Bible Meditations is a new feature to the app.  This will contain archives of my dad, Frank Higginbotham’s, daily radio program he recorded for over 40 years.  These are approximately 7-10 minutes in length.

How You Can Help

  1. Please download the app and give it a try.  You can download from Apple’s App Store.
  2. If you’re an Android user like myself, just be patient.  We’re working on the Android platform and it will be available soon.
  3. Please help spread the news and tell others about this app.  Share this with people in your congregations, or your friends in your contact list.
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