A Resurrection Quiz

tomb-stoneEvery year, around Christmas and Easter, I am made aware of just how little people really know about the birth and resurrection of Jesus.  Two of the most important events in the history of this world, and central to the Christian faith, are only vaguely known by people who claim to be followers of Jesus.  In fact, many people may be more familiar with myths surrounding these events rather than the facts, themselves.

If you’re interested, you can click on this link “A Christmas Quiz” and see how well you can discern fact from fiction concerning the birth of Jesus.  Since this weekend is “Easter,” I also thought I would offer another little quiz to see how well we know the facts surrounding the resurrection of Jesus.  Take the following quiz and see how well you do.

  1. In addition to the women who sought to anoint the body of Jesus with myrrh and aloes, what man also sought to do the same? (John 19:39).
  2. What did Mary Magdalene think Jesus was when she first saw him? (John 20:14-15).
  3. From what city did Jesus Ascend into Heaven? (Luke 24:50).
  4. Who commanded that soldiers be placed at the entrance of Jesus’ tomb? (Matthew 27:65).
  5. Where had Jesus appointed the disciples to go in order to see him? (Matthew 28:10,16).
  6. Who requested the body of Jesus? (Matthew 27:57).
  7. What was the name of one of the disciples with whom Jesus spoke on the road to Emmaus? (Luke 24:13-18).
  8. Who was said to be a “secret disciple of Jesus?” (John 19:38).
  9. What did they bind the body of Jesus in? (John 19:40).
  10. While the male disciples of Jesus did not believe the initial report of Jesus’ resurrection, did Mary Magdalene believe he had raised when she saw his body was gone? (John 20:14-15).

If we find that we didn’t do too well on the quiz, maybe we need to spend more time in the word.  If we don’t the the simple facts concerning two of the most momentous occasions in the life of Christ, and the history of the world, think of what else we might be missing!

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