A Useful Bible Study Tool

penHave you ever “ruined” a Bible by using a marker that bled through the other side of the page?  Have you ever torn a page while trying to highlight or underline a text with a pen?  Have you ever “smudged” a page because the ink wasn’t dry when you turned the page?  Are you like me in that you have searched for the perfect Bible highlighter?  If so, you may not need to search anymore!

Several years ago, my dad gave me a “Pentel Automatic Crayon Pencil” as a gift, and I’ve loved it ever since!  It’s been so useful to me, that I keep one on my desk in my office, and one on my bed side table at home. This pen is the perfect Bible highlighter!

Here are a few features:

  • It holds 8 different colors of markers.  With a simple twist, you can change from one color to another. This allows you, if you want, to color code some of your highlights as you wish.  This also keeps you from having to keep up with four or five different colored highlighters.
  • You can easily purchase refills without having to purchase a new pen.
  • The best feature, in my opinion, is that the “crayon” highlighters do not smudge, bleed through the page, or require a lot of force to highlight on the page.

If you like to mark in your Bible, this may be the perfect Bible highlighter for you.  Give it a try. I think you’ll like it.

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