Abilene Christian University Makes Policy Change On Alcohol

What next?  Read and weep…

The Abilene Reporter News published a story last week with the headline: ACU Changes Alcohol Policy – Sanctions To Be Removed Against Legal-Age Drinking Off Campus. The article said taht the change came as a result of discussions and input received from student organizations and the university board of trustees.

Jean-Noel Thompson, vice president of student life and dean of students said that this new approach is supported by Scripture, but he expects some alumni and members of the Churches of Christ to disagree with the policy.  He further said that he didn’t want this to turn into a “theological debate.”

Royce Money, President of ACU said that this new policy does not represent a “backing away of our historic prohibition of the use of alcohol by our students.”  Instead he argued that the former policy, which prohibited alcohol consumption by students, “was not enforceable and was unrealistic in its scope.”

For further information, you can read much more of this change in direction in an article from Brotherhood News.

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