All Dogs Go To Heaven

Today was a bad day.  The day began by being awakened by the barking of our 3-month-old Golden Retriever.  Since I was about to leave town for a week to preach in a gospel meeting, I thought I would help a little and do the “chore” of giving her a bath.  My wife and daughter were at a Ladies’ Retreat so when I left town, my son Matthew was home alone.  I had driven about 15 miles from home when my son called and said that something was wrong with our dog.  I could hear her struggling in the background, so I turned around as quickly as I could and sped home.  When I reached the back yard, I saw her laying on her side.  When I called out to her, she mustered the strength to raise her head, look at me, then she took her last breath.  My son and I both did what we could in an attempt to revive her, but with no success.

If you don’t have a dog, you may be saying, “It was just a dog.”  And I agree.  I am thankful to God that it was “just a dog,” but it was a death nonetheless.  As hard as it was to lose our precious puppy, it paled to the pain and heartbreak I felt when I saw the look of pain and desperation in the eyes of my son.

As I said, it’s been a hard day.  But what today has done for me is it has reminded me of a time and place where the pain of death and loss will be no more.  Next time you experience hurt and loss, lift your eyes to Heaven!

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  • So sorry to hear of the death of your precious puppy. When you have a pet they become a part of your family. I’ll be praying for you son as well. It’s hard to witness the death of beloved pet.


  • My dog Bella, who was only six months old, got hit by a car and died Monday. 🙁 I am very sorry that your family had to go through this loss.

  • Thanks Rita, and Tammy you have my sympathy too. The loss of a pet is a difficult loss.

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