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from Steve Higginbotham

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Fighting Giants
by Steve Higginbotham
October 4, 2007
Did you know that the Old Testament character, David fought a giant?  You may say, "Well of course I do.  Nearly everyone know that, right?"  Well, while it is true that most people know about David's battle with a giant named Goliath, few people remember his battle with Ishbi-benob, Goliath's brother.  This battle is recorded in 2 Samuel 21.
However, this battle wasn't nearly as glorious as David's first encounter with Goliath.  Nothing as dramatic as five stones and a sling against a fully armed warrior.  No, this time were it not for a friend of David who came to his rescue, this giant would have killed David.
What can we learn from this all but forgotten story in the Bible?  Well several things.  Consider...
  • Past victories don't get us through present battles.
  • Our adversary isn't impressed by our reputation.
  • The fact that you have done battle with a giant in the past and been victorious doesn't mean you won't have other giants to battle in your future, which have the potential to destroy you.
Vigilant.  That's the word that describes what we should be.  Give thanks to God for the "giants" you've slain in the past, and seek his help for the "giants" in your future you've yet to face.
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