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from Steve Higginbotham

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Vote For What?
by Steve Higginbotham
October 21, 2007
Here in Glasgow, we are facing yet another local option on our November ballot to introduce the sale of alcohol into our community.  You see, Glasgow is a "Dry" community and has been for decades.  However, some are wanting to change that.
But now, here's what I find particularly interesting about this whole thing.  The proponents of alcohol conspicuously refuse to mention the word "alcohol."  The commercials, newspaper ads, yard signs, etc. all encourage people to vote "yes" for "choice," for "jobs," and "for economic growth," but not once have they mentioned the word "alcohol." 
Isn't that interesting?  An election on whether to sell alcohol, and those who are proposing we do it, won't even mention the "A" word.  That set me to wondering why.  My conclusion is that they know alcohol won't pass on its own merits, so they have to dress it up with words like "choice," "growth," and "progress." 
It reminds me of those who call...
  • Fornication - Love
  • Killing babies - A woman's right to choose
  • Lying - Misinformation
  • Adultery - An affair
  • Homosexuality - Gay
These are all euphemisms to salve our consciences and are an effort to make palatable what everyone knows is unpalatable.  Let's not hide our vices behind cleverly chosen words.  And don't clutter up our nomenclature with post-consumer secondary by-products.  Um, excuse me.  What I meant to say is don't clutter up our language with garbage! 
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