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from Steve Higginbotham

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Behave Like Good Christians
by Steve Higginbotham
November 10, 2007

The story is told that a former Prime Minister of Great Britain, while discussing the hatred and blood shed that existed between the Jews and the Muslims, was quoted as saying, "Why can't the Jews and Muslims sit down together and work things out like good Christians?"

Well the answer is rather obvious, isn't it?  Why should we expect the Jews or the Muslims to behave as Christians?  What would make us expect that they would adopt the peculiar values of Christianity when they, themselves are not Christians? It's an unreasonable expectation.

But now, here's my point.  How can we expect our children to grow-up and be "good Christians" and live by "Christian values" if we aren't instilling these values in them now?  Funny how so little training is given to our youth, and yet placed upon them are such great expectations.  It's incongruous!  How can we expect our children to exemplify the values of Christ when those values have never really been instilled within them.

In a large way, the values your children will embrace as they enter adulthood won't be determined by choices they make when they're 18-years-old, but will be determined by choices you make for them while they are still young.

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