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MercEmail A Weekly Devotional
from Steve Higginbotham

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TV In The Corner
by Steve Higginbotham
November 30, 2007

I once had a man tell me that his television is situated in the corner of his living room like in most homes; however, there is one noticeable difference with his TV and the TV in most homes.  You see, his TV is turned around backwards, facing the corner of his living room. 

He said that this arrangement invariably leads to a myriad of questions from those who visit his home…”Is your TV not working?” “Have you been working on your TV?”  “Been rearranging your furniture and need some help with your TV?”  

To all these questions, he simply replies.  “No, the TV is working fine.  However, we have standards of conduct and speech in this home and if my children were to talk and act the way this TV does, we’d stand them in the corner, so why shouldn’t we do the same with the TV?” 

Well now, you might think this is an extreme, and you may be able to think of better ways to deal with some of the negative things seen and heard on television, and you may be right. But I’ll say this for the man…I like his way of dealing with the ungodly influences of television better than most people’s way of not dealing with it.  What do you think? 

Abhor - [to regard with extreme repugnance; loathe; hate] 

“…Abhor what is evil.  Cling to what is good.” (Romans 12:9)

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