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from Steve Higginbotham

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Your Name Is "Mud"
by Steve Higginbotham
December 22, 2007

Have you ever heard anyone use the expression, “His name is mud around here?”  Well, whether you’ve heard the expression or not, due to the use of the word “mud,” you could probably figure out that this isn’t a very complimentary statement.  However, very few people who have heard this expression are aware of its origin and that the word being used is not “mud,” but “Mudd.”
You see, in 1865, after assassinating President Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth broke his leg during his escape.  Consequently, Booth sought medical assistance from a man named Dr. Samuel Mudd.  Dr. Mudd set, splinted, and bandaged Booth’s broken leg, allegedly unaware that Booth had assassinated the President.

Within days, Dr. Mudd was arrested by the United States Government and charged with conspiracy.  Dr. Mudd was sentenced to life in prison.  He served four years of that prison term before being pardoned by President Andrew Johnson.

Though released from prison, Dr. Mudd never regained his reputation.  He would always be known as the man who aided and conspired to assassinate President Lincoln.

If Dr. Mudd was indeed innocent, wouldn’t be a tragic thing to have your reputation destroyed as his was?  Because of his reputation, he was judged a wicked man, having part in one the greatest tragedies in our nation’s history. But now, here’s the point.  Aren’t you thankful that God does not judge us by our reputation (what others think us to be), but by our character (what God knows us to be)?  Revelation 3:1.

Maybe your name is “Mudd.”  If it is, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone, and that you stand in good company (Matthew 12:24; 5:11-12), and that God sees beyond your reputation and sees your true character.

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