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from Steve Higginbotham

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According To The Rules
by Steve Higginbotham
July 23, 2008
Michelle Wie is a women's golfing phenom.  While she has had her share of difficulties over the past couple years, this 18 year-old golfer has amazing abilities, especially for her age.

Last week however, was not one of the high points in Michelle's career.  After finishing the second round of play at the LPGA State Farm Classic, Michelle found herself in second place, just one stroke behind the leader.  Then a mental lapse occurred.  Michelle forgot to sign her scorecard.  She turned in her card without signing it, and according to the rules of golf, she was disqualified.  While we may deem this infraction as minor, she did break the rules and had to suffer the consequences.

This news story reminded me of 2 Timothy 2:5 in which Paul said, "...If anyone competes in athletics, he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules."  Paul's interest was not in athletics, but in our spiritual well-being.  He was drawing a parallel.  Just as it is in athletics, if we wish to be crowned, we must compete according to the rules.

Friends, don't expect God to change the rules for you.  He's already informed us he won't.  Instead, make sure you are obeying his rules, and "competing" lawfully (Hebrews 5:9; Matthew 7:21).
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