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MercEmail A Weekly Devotional
from Steve Higginbotham

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by Steve Higginbotham
January 14, 2009

Secularization is the process of removing religious and moral influence from our society.  And I must conclude that secularization is alive and well.

As you know, and many of you may remember first hand, there was a time when each school day began with a prayer.  Of course, if such happened today, the ACLU would slap a multi-million dollar law suit against the school.  This is an example of secularization.

Just this past week, I encountered another example of secularization from my son's sixth-grade classroom.  Do you remember those “aptitude tests” that were given to students?  These tests were given to help a children identify several possible professions that could be suitable for them.  Depending on the way a child answered certain questions, he might learn that he seemed suitable to pursue such professions as being a doctor, nurse, school teacher, plumber, mechanic, or a host of other professions. 

Well imagine my surprise when my son returned home from school and told me about some of the suggested professions that were offered to several of his friends.  One little girl was told she would make a good “bartender.”  Another child was suited to work in a “winery.”  And yet another student was suitable to work as a “beer manufacturer.”

I was speechless.  I can't remember a more blatant attempt to legitimize the alcohol industry.  I can’t imagine what kind of questions could have been asked that would suggest a little sixth grade girl should become a “bartender.”  Or why would one be suitable to work as a “beer manufacturer”  as opposed to a “soft drink manufacturer,” or simply be suitable for the “manufacturing industry?”  (I couldn’t help wonder if in Nevada, where prostitution is legal, if this profession would have been offered as a suitable profession for some students)?

It is obvious that the secularization of America is alive and well in our state school systems.  More and more we are witnessing attempts to remove Christian faith, morals, and values from the public arena.  This is yet another example of our move away from morality and toward acceptance, tolerance, and non-judgmentalism.

Friends, our work is cut out for us.  If we want to raise godly children, we had better get busy and put in the time and training necessary to make the spiritual training of our children a priority, and to counter the daily barrage of the world. 

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