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When The President Speaks, Everyone...
By Steve Higginbotham
January 22, 2004
On Tuesday night, January 20, President Bush delivered the State of the Union Address to our nation.  As he spoke to congress, the cameras panned the assembly, showing various reactions to his message.  One of the interesting things I noticed is how the assembly was divided in their response to what President Bush was saying.  One side of the assembly would stand and applaud, while the other side of the assembly would remain seated and would refrain from any applause.
Now this is not a political article.  I have no intention of sharing my feelings about what was said.  I do, however, wish to make an observation.  When it comes to the advice and counsel of men, even the advice and counsel of a man as powerful as the President of the United States, we, as fellow human beings have the right to listen or ignore that advice and counsel.  And that is what I was witnessing on Tuesday evening.
Be forewarned.  Such an attitude is totally unacceptable when it comes to God.  We do not have the luxury to ignore his counsel as we would the counsel of man.  We must learn to treat the word of God differently than the words of man. 
If you disagree with the President...well, it means your exercising your rights.  If you disagree with God, it simply means you're wrong.
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