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Fast Times at Half-Time
By Steve Higginbotham
February 6, 2004
I suppose by now, everyone has either seen first hand or heard of the half time fiasco at this year's Super Bowl.  You have to wonder what Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson were thinking when they decided to expose her breast before more than 140 million viewers, many of which were children.
The action was so obscene and devoid of character, that in the days following, I have not heard a single commentator, editor, or celebrity defend the action.  For that, at least, we should be thankful.
However, I have a question.  Had there not been a "wardrobe malfunction," would there have been an outcry?  What about the dancers on stage who were immodestly dressed in revealing and provocative clothing?  What about the male topless dancers in Speedos, and the female dancers in their revealing outfits that would be better suited for the privacy of one's own bedroom?  What about the "bump and grind" dancing itself?  What about the lyrics of the song being sung, which contained the lines, "I wanna rock your body," "that ### shaking thing you do," and "better have you naked by the end of this song?"  Are these matters to be overlooked?  Are they not just as unacceptable and outrageous?
Friends, I'm glad everyone seems upset about the "exposure" incident, we should be.  But I'm concerned that very little has been said about all the other indecent and un-Christlike actions that led up to this climatic event.
It's certainly time to be outraged and put our foot down.  But friends, don't draw your own lines that determine when you will be outraged, but rather, acknowledge the lines, all the lines, that God has already drawn for us.


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