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Are You A Perfectionist?
By Steve Higginbotham
March 5, 2004


I once heard about a man who was such a perfectionist that he always kept a newspaper on the floor beneath the cuckoo clock hanging on the wall! 
Well, maybe the above is fictional, but I would like for you to think just a moment about "perfection" and our attitude toward it.  You see, I believe our attitude concerning what God expects from us has an impact on our behavior. 
For instance, do you see God as one who demands perfection, but has made provision for imperfection, or do you see God as one who doesn't expect perfection and is content with our efforts?
I think those two views affect the way we live.  The former view inspires diligence to avoid sin, the later results in resignation to sin.  The former view leads to greater conviction when we sin, the later can lead to excusing sin, because after all, "we're only human."
Friends, God demands perfection from us.  So be strong, work at it, and when you fall short, as you surely will, be thankful he has made provision for your imperfection (1 John 2:1).



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