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By Steve Higginbotham
September 29, 2004

I just just finished up a round of golf with a few guys in our youth group and was headed on my way home when I received a phone call from my wife.  She asked, "Are you supposed to be somewhere right now?"  I couldn't think of anywhere I needed to be.  She then proceeded to remind me of a speaking engagement that I had scheduled.

I was instantly sick.  I had totally forgotten.  The thought of all those people who were counting on me, sitting and waiting for me to show up sent my mind racing for searching for excuses.  Irrational thoughts flashed hurriedly through my mind..."I hope I have a flat tire." No one can blame me for a flat tire.  "I hope someone has had a minor wreck on the side of the road and needs assistance."  No one can fault a "good Samaritan."  But these excuses quickly vanished, leaving me to face the harsh and embarrassing reality that I had really messed up, and had some apologizing to do. 

Consider this application. We all have an appointment with our Lord.  However, that appointment may have been buried in the back of our minds, and we may go about our lives totally oblivious to our appointment.  Then suddenly the time of our appointment will arrive, either by our death or by the Lord's return. What will we do then?  Will any excuse stand the scrutiny of an omniscient God? 

Friends if you can imagine how sick I must have felt for missing my speaking engagement, just think how sick one will feel when he realizes he failed to prepare for eternity!


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