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Compartmentalized Religion
By Steve Higginbotham
October 9, 2004

Not long ago I heard a man talking about some rather shady business practices in which he was involved.  That a man would be dishonest in business shouldn't be all that shocking to me, but this man was a Christian.  When asked about how he could conscientiously engage in such activities, he said, "Business is business, and religion is religion."

Just last night, I heard a man say that he believes life begins at conception, but supported the right of women to abort their babies.  He made it clear that his stance was due to the fact that his religious convictions were religious convictions, but had nothing to do with politics and the laws of the land.

The above are examples of compartmentalized religion.  For many people religion is only a part of their being.  It only impacts what they do on Sunday.  It has no impact on their business ethics, their relationship with their neighbors, or their politics.

As convenient as compartmentalized religion may be for some, it just doesn't pass the test of Scripture.  Jesus said that if you wanted to be his disciple you had to give all your heart to him, not just a small compartment (Matthew 22:37).

Don't try to short change God with this compartmentalized view of religion.  If you're a Christian, you've sold out to God completely - body, soul, and spirit, it all belongs to him. Don't try and cheat God of what is rightfully his.


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