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Never Satisfied
By Steve Higginbotham
November 10, 2004

We probably all know of people who are in the grips of negativism. Nothing seems to cross their path that would bring a smile to their face. In every good event, these people are able to find something that is wrong or lacking. But now, last week, I heard a television commentator take the cake.

As you know, the Boston Red Sox celebrated their first World Series victory in 86 years. The last time they had won the World Series was in 1918. Such a long drought of failing to win the World Series had people believing they were cursed for trading away Babe Ruth. But now, the curse is over. They finally won, and in convincing fashion! Few World Series victories could have meant more to fans after such a long wait. So you could imagine my surprise when I heard a commentator on television bemoaning the loss of tradition (a losing tradition) for the Red Sox fans. He lamented that a "bond" had been broken that all Red Sox fans, for several generations, have had it common. Now, a whole generation of kids will grow up knowing nothing of the frustration of their parents and grandparents. They will know nothing of the "curse of the Bambino." How sad!

Are you kidding? Are people really that negative? Can one find something to complain about in one of the greatest World Series victories for a Red Sox fan? Apparently so, but before we criticize this commentator for his negative remarks, maybe we would do well to examine our own lives.

Have you ever been guilty of complaining and being negative in the midst of incalculable good being done? Just take a look at the local church. It is not a rare thing to hear Christians complaining about one thing or another. But think about it. Each day in the life of a congregation sees people living out the Lordship of Jesus in their daily life. Every day people are ministering to those who have needs. Every day someone has learned another nugget of truth from the study of Godís word. Sacrifices of teaching, service, and money are made continually so that the work of the church can continue to prosper in a community. Souls are saved from sin and those once saved are restored to their first love. The "weightiness" of these matters cannot be measured, but they are routine in a local church.

But now, hereís where we might be guilty. In the face of so much good, we may find ourselves being critical, dissatisfied, and complaining. We may be guilty of being blinded to the good by our focus on the negative.

My suggestion...back up from the tree so you can see the forest! Iím not suggesting that we gloss over our faults, but I am suggesting that we broaden our vision to see the good that is being accomplished. And finally remember what the Book says, "Do all things without murmuring and disputing" (Philippians 2:14).


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