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The ACLU Hasn't "A - CLU"
By Steve Higginbotham
December 20, 2004

It has long been my observation that the vast majority of the moral and social issues finds the ACLU (i.e. The American Civil Liberties Union) coming down on the opposite side of that issue than where I, or most Christians for that matter, would stand. Whether it is the topic of abortion, the posting of the ten commandments, homosexuality, pornography, evolution, or a host of other moral issues, I find myself opposed to the stance that the ACLU has taken. In fact, the ACLUís overwhelming "anti-Christian" world view has caused some to dub the ACLU as "Anti-Christian Liberties Union."

Just this past month, the ACLU was involved in what I deem to be yet another ruling against common sense and decency. The Washington State Supreme Court ruled that a mother had broken the law by listening in on her 14 year-old daughterís phone conversation in which admissions were made to knocking down an elderly woman and robbing her. Apparently, a young childís "right to privacy" takes precedence over a parentís right to proctor and protect their child.

Friends, Iím afraid that we have allowed "political correctness" get in the way of "biblical parenting." As a parent, you have a God given obligation to protect and insure the safety of your child. Therefore, you have the right to check on your childís safety by knowing what your child is getting into - whether it be involvement with friends, performance at school, following family rules, who he/she is talking to on the Internet, etc.

As a parent, if you have suspicion of harmful behavior or attitudes with regard to your child, you not only have the right, but the responsibility to intervene and be a parent. Will you, as a parent, stand idly by and not search a childís room even though you have strong suspicion of substance abuse? Will you, as a parent, stand idly by and not check your childís computer files, when you have strong suspicion that your child is chatting with people who could very well endanger your childís life? Will you, as a parent, not try to learn what your child is feeling and thinking, when he or she exhibits suicidal tendencies? Of course you will, and should!

Friends, when it comes to parenting, I would remind you that your God given rights and responsibilities carry much more weight than the rights granted by the state of Washington. When it comes to parenting, and trying to raise a child prepared for Heaven, Iím convinced that the ACLU hasnít "A - CLU!"


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