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More On Human Suffering
By Steve Higginbotham
January 18, 2005

In response to the recent disaster caused by the tsunami, many people have become vocal in their criticism of God.  One writer recently suggested that we all "boycott God."  She suggested that if we all stopped praying, stopped attending church, and stopped praising him, that he would be so discombobulated that he just might stop killing so many people in these tragic disasters.

Friends, I find it interesting that God's critics will criticize him for failing to intercept every "evil" action or thought, but consider what would happen if God chose to intercept every "evil" action or thought?  Would God not equally be criticized for that?  Imagine if every time someone began to speak evil, God gave them laryngitis.  Or imagine if every time someone tried to commit an evil deed, God temporarily paralyzed them, keeping them from their evil.  Or imagine if every time someone wanted to write something evil, whether it be gossip or blasphemy, God dried the ink in their pen.  Do you think God's critics would relent in their criticism? 

You see, God is not being treated fairly by his critics.  If he allows evil, he is criticized.  If he acted to stop all evil, he would still be criticized.  In view of this, maybe the problem is not with God, but with the unjust criticisms directed his way.  Give it some thought.


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