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The Love of a Child
By Steve Higginbotham
February 13, 2005

Every parent has moments that are etched in one's memory in such a way that it will never be forgotten.  One such moment occurred to me several months ago with my four-year-old daughter.  As I arrived home from work, I received the usual excited greeting from my little girl.  As I opened the door, I could hear her in the other room scream, "Daddy's home!"  Next thing I knew, she rounded the corner and gave me a big hug. 

After we hugged each other, I went and sat down in my recliner and to my surprise, my daughter ran into the room, jumped in my lap, and hugged me again, tightly around my neck.  I said to her, "Well now, what's that all about?"  Her memorable response was, "Daddy, I love you so much I just can't stop hugging you." 

Friends, now that's the reward of parenting.  It's moments like these that make all the sacrifices worthwhile.

But now, her comment set me to thinking.  If only we could possess the same depth of love toward our heavenly Father.  Rather than seeking loopholes or looking for excuses not to serve him, what if we loved Him so much we just "couldn't stop serving Him?"  What a difference that would make in our lives, and how pleasing that would be to God.

Friends, take inventory.  Why do you serve God?  Do you serve Him out of a sense of obligation, or do you serve Him because you are so deeply in love with Him and you can't do otherwise?  Give it some thought.


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