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Post-Christian Culture
By Steve Higginbotham
February 25, 2005

Americans live in a post-Christian culture today.  What do I mean by that?  I mean  that Christianity has little impact on day to day life in America.  The values of Christians are simply brushed aside and dismissed.

Want an example?  Sports.  When I was a boy growing up, no one would have ever thought to schedule a ballgame or practice on Wednesday night?  Why not?  Because that's when Christians had Bible study scheduled, and everyone knew they were going to be in church, not at the ball field. 

Through the years society has changed.  The world has learned that they can schedule games on Wednesday and everyone will be present, even the Christians.  We have sold out our values, and the world knows it.  Thus, Christianity is all but dismissed today, because the world knows we'll follow its lead.

Can things be changed?  Can we reverse this trend?  Certainly we can.  Just listen to the Christian voice that spoke out against legalizing homosexual marriages.   Certainly we have the power to make a difference, but it will require Christians, in mass, to stand up for what is right and to quit compromising their values. 

Instead of being led around by the world, and living by the values of the world, wouldn't you rather live in a society that upheld higher and nobler standards?  If so, do your part in making it happen!


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