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Admirer Or Follower?
By Steve Higginbotham
March 13, 2005

Why is it that millions of people in our nation claim to be Bible believers, yet our nation has so many vices.  I would understand if the vices all were being performed by unbelievers, but they are not. It is people of faith, as well as the unbeliever who are guilty of crime, adultery, divorce, lying, cheating, cursing, coveting, etc. 

How do you explain that?  I think I know how.  There are many people who are "admirers" of the truth.  These admirers of the truth flee when danger comes, succumb when temptation crosses their path, and become traitors when pressed for loyalty.  

Admiring the truth isn't the same as following it.  Don't confuse the two.  Jesus never called for admirers, however he did call for disciples.  Which are you?  Give it some thought.


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