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First Friday, Then Sunday, Finally Monday
By Steve Higginbotham
March 29, 2005

It was Friday...

  • When Jesus was betrayed, denied, and abandoned by his friends.
  • When he was tried before Pilate.
  • When the soldiers wove a crown of thorns and mocked him.
  • When Jesus was stripped of his clothing and nailed to a cross.
  • When people passed by and mocked and spit upon Jesus.
  • When Jesus said it was finished, and he died and was buried.
Then Sunday arrived... 
  • Imagine the joy and excitement that must have been experienced by his disciples.  Think how amazed they must have been.  Think how humbled they must have felt to be in the presence of Jesus, the risen Lord.  Their faith, no doubt, must have reached its zenith on that Sunday.
But now, we live in Monday... 
  • We didn't see the events of Sunday.  We didn't witness the initial excitement of the resurrection.  It's Monday, not Friday or Sunday.  Is our faith strong enough to sustain us through Monday?  Can we live with the same excitement and joy on Monday as those early disciples possessed on that resurrection Sunday?  Can we?  Maybe a better question is, "Do we?"  Friends, the crucifixion on Friday, and the resurrection on Sunday mean nothing to us if we won't live for Him on Monday.


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