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from Steve Higginbotham

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Spiritual Triage
by Steve Higginbotham
April 26, 2006
This past weekend, my youngest son was practicing his "swordsmanship" with his plastic sword.  As he was slaying dragons and other imaginary threats to his family, he made a mighty swing of his sword and connected just above the eyebrow of his unsuspecting sister who walked around the corner.  The result was a wide 1 inch cut that needed medical attention.

We hurriedly took our daughter to the emergency room, only to discover that we had a long wait in front of us.  A triage nurse evaluated our daughter, and we waited for two hours while other people, with more serious injuries, were treated first.  Objectively, I know that's the way the emergency room works, and that's the way that I want it to work, except this was my little girl!

While we sat and waited, I couldn't help but think of how we may need to have a little "spiritual triage" applied to our lives.  I sometimes must wonder if we place emphasis on the wrong things.  I wonder if we could be found treating scratches and bruises while there are other injuries that threaten our spiritual lives.  Not every command in God's word carries the same weight.  I didn't say that, Jesus did (Matthew 23:23).  That is not to minimize some commandments, but it does teach the priority of others.

The Pharisees practiced tithing, as the law commanded and as they should.  But apparently, they had neglected such things as mercy, justice, and faith.  Hosea said that the knowledge of God was more important than burnt offerings (Hosea 6:6).  Isn't that interesting?  Why, that's exactly opposite of what people think today.  Modern thinking is that if I "go to church" I'm okay, even if I don't open my Bible through the week.  While "going to church" is something you should do, increasing your knowledge of God is better.

Friends, make sure you're priorities are right.  Don't major in the minors.  Take a little time to evaluate your priorities and do a little spiritual triage.

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