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A Weekly Devotional from the
South Green Street Church of Christ



I Now Pronounce You "Husband & Husband"
By Steve Higginbotham
July 6, 2005

The headlines say it all... "United Church of Christ Endorses Homosexual Marriages." This past week, at the United Church of Christís 25th General Synod in Atlanta, Georgia, a resolution was presented to, "affirm the rights of gay, lesbian and trans-gender persons to have marriages equal in name, privileges and responsibilities to married heterosexual couples." The resolution was overwhelmingly approved. I might also add that there was also a "one man, one woman" resolution offered, but it was condemned as discriminatory.

Here are a few of my thoughts regarding the above news:

  • Name Confusion. Due to the similarity between the designation "United Church of Christ" and the "Church of Christ," there will be people who mistakenly believe that local Churches of Christ approve of such sinful behavior. This should serve to remind us that there is more to being a Christian than just wearing the name of Christ. Even one of the United Church of Christ preachers made the following statement following the adoption of this resolution. He said, "If we're going to call ourselves Christian and be followers of Christ, we need to follow his teachings on marriage."
  • ...Having Itching Ears. The Bible warns of a time when people will have "itching ears" and will turn away from the truth and be turned to fables" (2 Timothy 4:2-4). How else does one explain this event? The Bible is just too clear on this topic to miss what it teaches. It reminds me of what Jeremiah said long ago, "An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land; The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule by their own power; and my people love to have it so" (Jeremiah 5:30-31).
  • Postmodernism. This philosophy simply refers to the end of the "modern" period in which people relied upon logic, reason, and rationality. Postmodernism refers to philosophy in which people rely less on logic, reason, rationality, and more upon feelings and emotions. In an effort to end what they consider to be "hurtful discrimination," they have arrived at the position they now espouse. Forget about the absolute truth of Godís word on the matter, and consider the feelings of these poor individuals. This is the approach these people are using, as well as many others in our society, just like them. What amazes me is not that some are defending homosexual marriage, but that they Bible even gets honorable mention in the whole discussion.

Friends, what we are witnessing in the United Church of Christ is the natural progression of leaving the absolute standard of Godís word and substituting with the subjective standard of manís "think so."

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