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A Weekly Devotional from the
South Green Street Church of Christ



A Follow-up To A Tragedy!
By Steve Higginbotham
January 6, 2006

Earlier this week, I wrote a MercEmail article on the tragic deaths of the 12 coal miners in West Virginia.  Following that email, I received over 90 email messages  from several of our readers, offering further insights and spiritual lessons that can be observed from this event.

I'd like to share an observation from one of our readers.  A MercEmail subscriber from Reader, WV wrote to me and said...

"I heard one thing from the people that came out of that church building that night, and it was one of negativity for God.  The same person they just praised moments ago, but now they claimed he never did anything for them."

Sure enough, I watched the news last night for myself.  I witnessed the reactions of the people who were so jubilant when they thought the miners were safe.  They sang hymns of praise, they thanked God, and one person in particular spoke of "miracles." 

However, when they received the devastating news that they had been misinformed, the same lady who moments before was thanking Jesus and speaking of miracles, turned to a reporter's microphone and said, "I don't even know if there is a Lord anymore."

I understand that in moments of overwhelming pain and suffering sometimes people say and do things that are out of character, so I can certainly bear with and be longsuffering toward this lady who was hurt so badly.  But I would like to remind the rest of us that the Lord's existence doesn't depend upon our circumstances in life.  I don't ever recall the Lord promising us "heaven on earth," but I do recall him promising "heaven after earth" to those who remain faithful!


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