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A Weekly Devotional from the
South Green Street Church of Christ



My Favorite Bible
By Steve Higginbotham
January 11, 2006

Through the years, I have owned quite a few Bibles.  I have a two shelves in my office containing nothing but Bibles.  They differ in size, translation, and binding.  But of all the Bibles I own, one is particularly treasured by me.  It is a little black Red Letter New Testament (3"x4.5") that I have had for the past 39 years. You've seen some like it before.  It's the kind of Bible given to little children, and it is small enough for them to hold it in their little hands.  The print in this Bible is just about too small to read.  There are no study notes in it.  And it only contains the New Testament.  So what makes this Bible so special to me?  Allow me to read the inscription on the first page:
  • "This New Testament is being presented to Steve Higginbotham for being the first in his Bible Study class to be able to say from memory all the 66 books of the Bible.  Keep up the Good Work.  God Bless you always.  
                                                                             Your Bible Class Teachers,
                                                        Mrs. Hester Shultz & Miss Sandy Wilson
Isn't it amazing the impact that a few words of encouragement can have on a person's life?  I was just four-years-old when this Bible was presented to me, but thirty-nine years later, I still treasure, and have this little Bible in my possession.  My guess is that Hester (who is now deceased) and Sandy have no memory of the presentation of this Bible, or the message they inscribed in it.  I'm sure they have no idea that something done so long ago, and something that cost so little, and took only but a moment of their time, would be so treasured by the little boy to whom they presented it.
My point?  There is life-time lasting power and influence in encouragement!  What takes us only a moment to say or do, can impact another person for the rest of his life.  Be an encourager!  Take the time and the little extra effort to compliment, commend, and encourage another.  Chances are, long after you've forgotten your words of kindness, they will be locked-up, and cherished as a prize possession in the store room of someone's mind.

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