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A Weekly Devotional from the
South Green Street Church of Christ



Hot As A Pistol
By Steve Higginbotham
February 26, 2006

I absolutely love sports.  My wife?... well, she doesn't.  She pretended as though she did when we dated, but I learned the truth after we were married.  At times, she feels I spend a little too much time watching football and basketball, and she may be right.  So whenever I find some redeeming quality in a sporting event, I am quick to point it out to her.  Such an event occurred this past weekend.

Jason McElwain, a senior at Athena High School in New York, got in the last basketball game of the regular season with four minutes remaining in the game.  What makes this so compelling is that Jason MacElwain is autistic and he was the team manager.  His normal place was at the end of the bench, in a white shirt and tie, handing water and towels to players as they came off the court. 

But this night would be different for Jason.  His love for basketball caused the head coach to allow Jason to dress for the game.  The student section had been notified that he would dress, so they came to the game prepared with pictures of Jason on popsicle sticks. 

With four minutes remaining in the game, the coach stood up off the bench and motioned for Jason to enter the game.  No sooner than he motioned to him, Jason sprang to his feet and was at the scorers table checking in.  No one could have dreamed what would happen next.

Jason proceeded to hit six three-pointers (tying a school record) and hit a two-pointer that was almost a three-pointer, but his toe was on the line.  20 points in four minutes!  As Jason hit his sixth three-pointer as time was running out, the fans and the players all ran onto the court, hoisted him up on their shoulders and carried him off the court. 

What a scene!  From the action of the coach, to the support of his fellow students, and to the reaction of his teammates, we had modeled before us the best of mankind. The basketball game itself took a back seat to the human interest in a young boy with autism.

When interviewed at the end of the game, Jason, beaming with pride, simply said, "I was as hot as a pistol!"  Way to go Jason!  And way to go Athena High! 

Now, how can you not love sports?


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