Atheist Turns Theist

Antony Flew is without a doubt, one of the world’s most influential atheists of the 20th Century.  So you can imagine what a ripple in the waters of Atheism Antony Flew created when, in 2004 he stated that he now believed in God.  In 2007, Flew published a book in which he describes his journey from atheism to theism.

Grant it, Flew is not a Christian, neither is he a believer in the God of the Bible, but he has come to accept the fact that there is a God. 

I recently read Dr. Flew’s book entitled, “There Is A God: How The World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind” and I couldn’t help but think of his debate with brother Thomas B. Warren, which took place in 1976.  Dr. Flew mentions his debate with brother Warren on pages 67-68.  In fact, Flew reminisces that his debate with brother Warren was the best attended debate he ever had, having 5000 to 7000 people present.

I was in high school at the time of this debate, but I remember reading it through several times, trying to digest its weighty material.  Though this debate was 32 years ago, I remember several succient arguments that brother Warren advanced.  Some of the points he made then that I still remember are…

  • This world is perfect for its purpose.  It is a “vale of soul-making.”
  • It is not evil for “evil” to exist.
  • Every precisely defined proposition is either true or false.

 On the other hand, I remember how bold the claims of Dr. Flew were.  He boldly stated, “I know there is no God,” and “I believe that living organisms evolved over an immeasurably long period from non-living materials.” 

I wish brother Warren were still living to hear Dr. Flew’s recent admissions.  Maybe he could bring him along further and introduce to him the “Unknown God” that he has come to acknowledge.

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  • The man was just doing what God said… plant the seed, I will give the increase.

    32 years is a long time for the seed to lay dormant, and it is still to be seen whether or not the seed will produce fruit, but knowing God, He isn’t done yet.

    Some might say, what a waste of time that was… well, if Mr. Flew remembers it, then time was well spent.

    I love when seed grows in the cracks of the sidewalk… well, not really in MY sidewalk, but in God’s sidewalk. We waste too much of God’s time (given to us to be stewards of) trying to figure out which soil deserves the seed. Get out there and throw the seed, that is what the sower does. Everywhere…


  • I was a bit stunned when I saw this article on Flew’s new book. Though the debate between him and Warren was in the 70s I just recently was made aware of it and was able to watch the debate. As adament an atheist as he proclaimed to be in the debate(that’s my only reference point having never read anything more about the man) it does show us the power of the reality of God. Obviously, as already stated, it is yet to be seen if the gospel seed will have a chnace to mature brinking forth the fruit of a christian but it should remind us that those who we think are “unreachable” may not be as “unreachable” as they seem.

    Thanks for the great article Steve. Love the new site.

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