Attending College in Knoxville?

collegeIf you’re planning on attending one of the universities or colleges in Knoxville, TN, I’d like for you to consider making the Karns church of Christ your home away from home during your time in school.

Our church building is located just 10 miles from the University of Tennessee; 6 miles from Pellissippi State; and 5 miles from South College.

I’d like to introduce you to a few reasons why you ought to consider Karns.

  • We are a growing congregation enveloped in an atmosphere of love and mutual encouragement (e.g. an hour after worship services are over, you’ll find dozens of people still visiting in the building).
  • We are committed to truth. While we are willing to pursue any expedient means to reach the lost and encourage the saved, we will not engage in activities lacking biblical authorization. We are a church that will not be driven by pragmatism, but by the authority of God.
  • We have excellent Bible classes for all ages. That includes classes geared just for those who are college aged. Part of the excellence in our Bible class program is due to the spiritual maturity of our teachers within the congregation, but we also have the benefit of the instructors of the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies, which is a work of the congregation.
  • We offer countless ways to get involved in the work and life of the church. Each year we have men’s retreats, ladies’ retreats, college-age retreats, as well as youth retreats in Gatlinburg and other sites. We offer opportunities to be involved in foreign and domestic mission trips, a “Forever His” program ministering to children with special needs, a host of other programs.
  • The classes that are taught at the Southeast Institute of Biblical studies are open to anyone who wishes to audit them (free of charge). Students may find this to be a great way to enhance their biblical knowledge by attending the classes which don’t conflict with their college classes.
  • We host a Spring lectureship in connection with the school that brings in some of the most able preachers in our brotherhood. It provides a great opportunity to learn at the feet of some great men.

There are many more reasons I could offer here, but what I would like to do is simply ask you to come and visit. Experience the worship, love, fellowship, and family that is the Karns church of Christ.

A few years ago, Flavil Yeakley Jr. released findings from his studies among church of Christ. One of his findings was that the most important factor in a young person remaining faithful to the Lord through his college years was not in attending a Christian college, but in getting plugged into a church during those four years. We want to help your faith or your child’s faith not only survive the college years, but to thrive during these years, and to equip you for a life-long service to the Lord.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and visit our website:

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