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Jesus Marveled ()

Steve Higginbotham, August 9, 2015
Part of the Preached at Karns series, preached at a Sunday Evening service

Tags: Faith

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  • I love your work and have preached many great sermons using your help. I just wonder, in order to make searching your site easier, would it be possible to list the sermons in alphabetical order in each group? It can be difficult to find one particular sermon having to comb through the entire list. Also, next to the sermon outline, could you provide the link to the sermon powerpoint and audio version (if available)? This would make searching for all available formats on one sermon much easier. Thank you so much for making your sermons available. Most of us aren’t nearly so talanted, but we love to be about the Lord’s work.

  • Steve….your sermons really lift me up! I love the simplicity of the message….with real life applications. Frank and Rose must be so proud. Keep up the good work!

  • I used to live in Valparaiso Ind and before the new church was built I Attend the Glendale Church of Christ. Our minister there was Higginbotham and had a son name Tim. I was wondering if you were related to them.

  • Hi Judy,
    Sorry, but not the same family. My family comes from West Virginia.

  • Thank you so much for that encouraging sermon. Why can’t these type sermons be preached by other ministers in the Church? I am afraid that “politics” is causing much division in the Church, as I have left a congregation whose minister is without a doubt, biased and angry in regards to certain political parties. This stance comes from the pulpit!! It’s so difficult to find a true Church which is truly biblical. I’m at such a loss and have such a void in my life……

  • Steve! all of your Sermons I read are very Encouraging and Interesting That can Lift up the souls of every Christians. Thank you for your Website .i can also Use this one to preached in Congregation here in the Philippines.God bless you and your Family always.and Keep up the Good Work.,

  • Steve, love your lesson on MemberShift. Our purpose as the Lord’s church and especially here in Owenton is to “Restore Once More…” Before Mt Juliet came to do our first campaign, that theme came to mind, and I use I early and often. God Bless brother. Bill Dayton

  • Your sermons are encouraging and edifying! Thank you and keep posting! Folks from Hawaii are tuning in! Aloha!

  • I have read most of the books you mentioned in your lesson, they are amazing. I also have a sermon based on what these books say along with the bible, I called he sermon , Is there life after death. I enjoyed you sermon very much.
    I also had an aunt who shared with me her near death experience when she was having a kidney transplant back in 1970. I know she actually believed what happened to her.

  • Steve this is so wonderful to get to hear your sermons once again, we miss you sermons, and humor…..ann fife

  • I discovered one your sermon s last year .You were preaching at one of the Lectureships. I learned something that day,and have learned from your other lessons. You make preaching and exhorting look so easy. Continue to allow the Spirit to live in you.

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