Beware of Preying Preachers

PreyI typically get up early on Sunday morning and go to my office so that I can finalize and meditate on the lessons that I have to present later that day.  However, this past Sunday we had a guest speaker, so I got ready for worship services in a much more leisurely fashion.  I turned on the television and began watching several religious programs.

It didn’t take long before I was sickened at the the thinly veiled attempts to manipulate and receive money from the masses.  One program literally spent two-thirds of their air time asking for money, while another man promised miraculous healings to people who would do as he instructed them.

My wife, Kim, put it best while reflecting on the shows by calling them “preying preachers.”  And that precisely sums them up.  Peter and Paul warned of those who would attempt to make merchandise of people (2 Peter 2:3) and use godliness as a way of gain (1 Timothy 6:5).

While the church and the world need more “praying preachers,” they’ve suffered long enough at the hands of “preying preachers.”

Friends, give care not to become prey.  Take responsibility for your life.  Weigh the things you are taught against what the Bible teaches. Equip yourself so that you are capable of discerning between truth and error, for there are many “preying preachers” who would make prey out of you if they could.

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