Blessing Others Beyond Our Years

abeThose of you who are history buffs may know the significance of the date, April 14, 1865.  This was the day President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth.  However, something else of significance happened on that day of which you may not be aware.  Earlier on this very day, President Lincoln signed into law a piece of legislation that created the Secret Service.

I found this historical tidbit to be rather ironic.  Although Lincoln, himself wasn’t able to benefit from this piece of legislation, he was able to bless the lives of other Presidents who would follow him.

This caused me to ask a question I believe is worthy of consideration.  Are we willing to invest ourselves in the future?  Are we willing to work to secure blessings for others that we will never realize?  Are we willing to sacrifice so that others we don’t even know will reap the benefits?

It’s not easy. We want to enjoy the fruits of our own labor.  But selflessness is a quality that makes us more like Jesus.  Friends, invest in your children so their lives are blessed long after you’re gone.  Sacrifice and invest in the church in such a way that Christians you don’t even know will be blessed by the fruits of your labor; fruits you, yourself may never see.  Let’s sacrifice, invest, and lose ourselves in others so that after we are dead and gone, we are a blessing to others.


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  • Really enjoyed your article but it made me think about Christ and how He laid out a path that eons of generations can benefit from and the end reward is an eternity that we will be able to spend with Him in Heaven

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