Can The Church Survive?

old churchSocial injustice, homosexual marriage, divorce, cohabitation, adultery, premarital sex, pornography, abortion, casual drug use, the rejection of absolutes, the immorality of the entertainment industry…these are a representative sample of some of the things our culture embraces today.

Can the church survive such moral degradation?  Can it survive 21st century American culture, or will it become a decaying relic of the past?  Does the moral depravity of our culture threaten the very existence of the church today? Is it really possible for the church to find relevance in today’s culture?

The answer to all these questions is an emphatic “YES!” and if we think otherwise, maybe we need to rethink a few matters regarding the kingdom of God.

Whether we’re talking about God’s reign in such patriarchs as Noah, his reign in Old Testament Israel, or his reign in the church today, his people have always been situated in an immoral world.  Did Noah and his family need a moral culture in order to be faithful to God?  When Israel walked in the commandments of the Lord, was it because their surrounding culture was moral?  What New Testament church was situated in a moral culture?

My point is, the success and future of the church is not and never has been in the hands of our culture, but in our faithfulness to God and God’s faithfulness to keep his promises.  Do I like the growing momentum of immorality in our culture?  Certainly not, but the success and relevance of the church is not tied to our culture.  America can rise and fall, but God’s church will remain.  Isn’t that what Daniel 2:44 teaches?

Let’s not forget that we are part of an unshakable kingdom (Hebrews 12:28).  Don’t buy what the prophets of doom and gloom are selling.  Don’t allow the immorality of our culture to overwhelm, discourage, and defeat you.  Instead,  remember that we are more than conquerors (Romans 8:31, 35-37)!

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  • Much, much needed! Some days I get stressed and fearful for our children. But you’re right, God is faithful, unchanging, and our defender.

  • This encouraged me MUCH. I know you Steve, so this is not a rebuke, but I would be clear that the success or failure of the kingdom/church is in God’s hand first, then in the hands of the faithful. Daniel 2:44 is clear, as you stated. Thanks!

  • Thank you Steve for your courage for the truth.
    I have been guilty of stating I am glad I’m on my way home and not on my way in whereas I NEED to continue to be the
    encourager to the young church and the little children. It’s odd how sometimes you know something but then you read something like you just wrote and it hits you right in the heart Thank you again,
    Darlene McKinley

  • Thanks, Steve for sharing your thoughts with us. It does make you wonder how much more God is willing to put up with considering all that’s the world is doing these days.But thankful we have all loving God that is longsuffering to us even sending us His Son to come to earth and sacrifice Himself for our sins.

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