My son-in-law is color-blind. So, for his birthday this past weekend, our daughter gave him a pair of “Enchroma” glasses. For those of you who may not be familiar with these glasses, they are glasses made just for color-blind people. They look like ordinary sunglasses, but actually allow a color-blind person to see colors as we see them.

I was videoing my son-in-law as he peered through these new glasses for the first time. He looked off at the trees in his backyard, raised his glasses to get a comparison, then put them back on and said, “Wow, my world is weird..It’s actually sort of sad!”

During the past week, I’ve not been able to shake those words. The world that my son-in-law was living in was a world without color (as we know it), and as he described it, “weird and sad.”

It wasn’t a difficult jump to allegorize his words. How “weird and sad” is the world in which we once lived? A world dulled by the darkness of sin, and obscured by the gloom of the grave? Stark, hopeless, colorless, doom. But now, all of that has changed for the child of God.  We see the world, not as we once saw it, but we see it through the lens of Jesus. A world that was once without eternal purpose now has purpose. A world that was once lived for self, is now lived for others.

Last weekend, I was reminded how thankful I need to be to God for allowing me to see the world through the lens of his Son, who enables me to see the brilliance of his love!

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