Decade Mile-Markers

As the have now arrived at the New Year, completing the first decade of the new millennium, I did a little reflecting.  These reflections are personal, and may not mean a lot to you, but they are my mile-markers over the past decade.

  • Our youngest daughter, Anne Marie was born in the year 2000.
  • Both of our sons became Christians during this time.
  • Our oldest daughter graduated from High School and has almost completed her under-graduate work at Freed-Hardeman.  While at FHU, Kelli spent one semester in Europe.
  • I was robbed at gun-point at a church in Alabama and survived.  Tends to put life into perspective.
  • I had a tumor removed from a salivary gland.  Benign!  That tends to put life into perspective as well.
  • My sons and daughter excelled in Band…state finals, All-District every year.  Countless hours of discipline and hard work.
  • My Pittsburgh Steelers won two Super Bowls.  You may think, “so what?”  But I got to watch both of those games with my dad.  Wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.
  • My mom and dad reached 50 years of being married, 50 years of preaching, and 45 years of preaching for the same congregation in Chester, WV.
  • Kim and I celebrated 25 years of marriage and 25 years of preaching.
  • My wife and our two oldest children took part in a mission trip to Ica, Peru.
  • I was privileged to speak in approximately 70 gospel meetings and lectureships.  Two of the more memorable ones, due to locations were in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and Anchorage, Alaska.  Beautiful trips…and cold -18 degrees and more than a foot of snow.
  • I completed ten years of MercEmail email devotionals, sixteen years of daily radio work, and 20 years of preaching for the South Green Street Church of Christ in Glasgow, KY.
  • And after 20 years of working with the South Green Street congregation, we accepted an offer to move to Knoxville, TN to work with the Karns Church of Christ in June of 2010.

There’s much more, but these are mile-markers that quickly come to mind.  But they are only mile markers.  So much living has taken place in between these events.  So much has happened for which to be proud of with respect to my wife, my children, extended family, and church.  I have been blessed, and I am thankful to the One from whom all blessings flow.

It is my desire to stake out some more mile-markers in the upcoming decade, but especially, between those mile-markers live with greater purpose, commitment, and faith in God.

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  • Hi Steve, Wonderful memories from the last decade… I have recieved your mercEmail ever since your “memorable” trip to Edmonton to do the ASF lectureship but never knew about this site here..I kind of stumbled upon it today, nice to be able to drop you a line and tell you have much I’ve appreciated recieving your thoughts throughout the years! I think when you were in Edmonton my husband was the intern there and has now been preaching for at the Pinehill Church of Christ in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario for the last 2 1/2 years.
    Just wanted to tell you how wonderful your mercEmail is and that I really appreciate recieving it.
    Michelle Hillier

  • Hello Michelle,
    Thanks for the kind remarks about MercEmail. I really did enjoy my time in Edmonton. I was so impressed by the friendliness and fellowship of the church there. I was also impressed by your shopping mall! 😉

    When I think of what a church should be with regard to lacking prejudices and accepting people from all nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds, I think of that congregation. I’ve never met such an eclectic group of Christians. Yep, it was one of my decade mile-markers!

    I wish you and your husband the very best in Sault Ste Marie! BTW, when I was in college, I worked with a church in Michigan as an intern, and we helped build a building for a church in Sault Ste Marie on the U.S. side. Wonder if they are still meeting?

  • I was doing some marking of our miles recently as well, Steve: just last year, 30 yrs of marriage, 25 in Brazil, 15 in SJCampos. The Lord is merciful. God bless your move to Tenn.

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