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Last week, I spent the morning with the group of young men pictured to the left. The Walnut Street Church of Christ in Dickson, TN hosted a “Future Church Leaders” camp. There were approximately 30 young men who attended. I spoke to these 7th through 12 graders for three consecutive 45 minute sessions on evangelism on Monday morning.

I must admit that I was stressing over this event. How was I going to talk to this age group and keep their attention for three consecutive sessions? But to my pleasant surprise, these young men were with me all the way. There were none who were dosing, passing notes, bored with their head in their hands, etc. Rather, they were engaged, cooperative, communicative, asking and answering questions. Needless to say, I was impressed! These young men were serious, and were making good use of their week.

Some parents, grandparents, Bible class teachers, preachers, youth ministers, and elders need to be proud of these young men. Furthermore, I would encourage more congregations to provide such training. And finally, I wish to thank the Walnut Street congregation for this good work.

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  • I have three sons who have participated in the camp at Walnut Street. I cannot tell you what a blessing it has been in our lives. They have grown so much spiritually. They are comfortable speaking in front of any size group and participating in any phase of the worship service. We are so thankful for those who implemented and continue this work. Thank you for your participation in it, as well!

  • Cynthia, Thanks for your confirmation of what I wrote. This is indeed a great event, and I’m glad to know your sons benefited from it too.

  • What a great event! So good to see some churches taking an interest in teaching young men the principals of faithfull leadership. I have been a supporter of the program called
    “Lads To Leaders”. It is too late to try to “make” a leader
    when a church needs one. I pray always for more willing workers. Great Work!

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