Going Through The Motions

CardPittDuring World War II, the NFL took quite a hit. Most of the men who would have been playing in the NFL were off to war, fighting for their country. Consequently, NFL teams were undermanned and under-skilled.

This situation led not only to teams “sharing” players with other teams, but it also led to a merger in 1944 between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Cardinals. One of the first obstacles they faced was what they would be called. It had to be a name that incorporated both teams, so they finally settled upon the “Card-Pitts.” However, it didn’t take long for this name to become slurred into the “Carpets.”

Because of the merger, this team had twice as many coaches and managers than other teams had, yet they went 0-10 on the season. In fact, their play was so woeful following a 34-7 loss to the Chicago Bears, the team fined three players $200.00 each for “inept play” or as the Pittsburgh Press reported it, “indifferent play.” (As a matter of fact, for UT football fans, one of the players who was fined was Johnny Butler, former UT running back and Hall of Famer).

Now, there’s a bit of NFL trivia for you, but let me give you something to think about. What if God “managed” his church like a coach manages his team?  Would he ever look down upon us and levy a fine against us for “indifferent play” or “inept play?” Friends, are you going through the motions, or do you have on your “game day face?”

Bottom line: it shows. A coach can tell if you holding back or giving full effort, and so can the Lord. How’s your performance been lately?  Worthy of a pat on the back, or a fine? Give is some thought!

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