Guard Your Eyes (A Facebook Rant)

King David once said, “I will set no wicked thing before my eyes” (Psalm 101:3).  That rule of life by which the psalmist lived is a rule of life we need to consider, yet today. I know there is evil in the world.  I know that men can do horrific things to other men.  I know that terrible crimes are being committed against fellow human beings somewhere in this world as I type this article, but I don’t need or want to be exposed to a video of it!

I understand what a beheading is without someone posting a gruesome video of one.  I understand the carnage of lining dozens of men up on their knees, whose hands are tied behind their backs, and summarily executing them. However, I don’t need to see a video to grasp the horror and sinfulness of such actions.

I’m disturbed that Christians can post such videos on their Facebook pages for all the world to see, then stand in the pulpit, or stand in Bible class, or sit down with their own children and grandchildren, and instruct them not to attend certain movies that are rated “R” because of the violence.  If we don’t want to set “make-believe violence” before the eyes of our children, then what logic allows us to set real violence before our children?

The images we set before our eyes are not easily forgotten.  Many images we see will remain with us for the rest of our lives.  Are these the images we want engraved in our minds?  Better yet, are these the images we want engraved in the minds of our youth, who happen to see these videos on their Facebook feeds?

What makes us think it is alright to post a graphic video of a murder?  Whatever that rationale may be, would it also apply to rape?  Would anyone think it’s appropriate to voyeuristically watch and post a graphic video of rape on Facebook?  Is rape more offensive than murder?  To me, it seems to be a rather strange ethical standard that would allow one and prohibit the other.

Friends, I’m not saying that we should look the other way while atrocities occur in this world. I’m not saying we should be ignorant of the threats to life and freedom.  What I am saying is that indiscriminately sharing graphic depictions of such atrocities on Facebook is not a solution, but just another part of the problem. Please share what you think in the comments section.

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  • There seems to be a flaw, to some degree, in the above logic. Was it a sin for folks to see the 185,000 dead Assyrians strung out over the land, or was it a powerful reminder of the awesome might and judgment of God? Was it bad for the folks to see Ananias and Sapphira drop dead on the spot, or did it help the church incredibly well? (Acts 5:11). Also, should I avoid instructing and teaching my children, neighbors, friends, and family about the punishment to be had in Hell? Would I be wrong in posting a video that depicted the scenes and descriptions of Hell as found in the Bible? Or could it be a powerful evangelism tool? NOW, with that said, the posting of an American being beheaded really has no point except maybe pointing out some of the REAL truths of Islam. They are NOT peaceful and are SUPPOSE to kill Jews and Christians per the koran. Teaching folks this, actually seems like a good and necessary thing? I’m kind of torn here.

  • Amen ! It also amazes me with some of the posts,shared by Christians, that use foul language.

  • Hello “Stanford.” Thanks for your comments, but I don’t see the flaw as you suggested. Nowhere did I ever say it was a sin to see a dead person. That’s what you’re talking about with the Assyrians and Ananias and Sapphira. There will be times when we may all “see” death occur because we live in a world wherein death is a reality. But surely, you’re not likening this reality to the indiscriminate distribution of horrific and graphic deaths on Facebook. In my judgment, that is where a flaw is to be found. Nor do I see a correlation between posting gruesome videos of people being murdered and warning people about the horrors of Hell. I’m all for information. In fact, I stated that we should not be ignorant of the atrocities being committed in the world. I think the world should know of the evil being perpetrated upon fellow human beings, but that’s not the same as saying we should record a video of it and indiscriminately share it with men, women, and children.

  • I greatly appreciate you speaking out concerning this. I feel the same way about Christians who post pictures of mutilated fetuses when speaking out on abortion. As a former funeral director, EMT, and deputy coroner, I can honestly say that dead mutilated corpses should not be for public display. I can know the horrors of militant Islam or abortion without the graphic details of the pictures.

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