Have You Seen This Bible?

Ariel Schalit / AP
Ariel Schalit / AP

In 2007, several Israeli scientists were able to inscribe the entire Hebrew Bible on a tiny silicon surface that measured approximately half the size of a grain of sugar.

This Bible was created by blasting tiny particles called gallium ions which created an etching just like a hammer and chisel would. It’s almost mind-boggling to consider that 300,000 words are etched on the tiny dark spec in the photo to the left.

While I am amazed by this copy of the Bible, I find myself amazed for all the wrong reasons. The Bible isn’t a novelty item. It’s value is not in being the largest, smallest, or most expensive. Rather, its value is in being read and put into practice.

While I marvel at the technology we possess to be able to etch the Bible on this tiny spec of silicon, I can’t help but ask, “What good does this Bible do anyone?”

Friends, if you’re like me, you’re “wowed” by this tiny Bible. But if you want to be really “wowed,” get your hands on a copy of the Bible, with print large enough to see, and begin reading.

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  • Thanks, for sharing a great article. I don’t know of any practical use for this except to say you did it. If they make the Bible where you can’t read and apply it then it’s of little valve to me

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