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KimNot long ago, my wife Kim decided to create a blog that is designed to assist Bible class teachers. The impetus for this blog was born from her searching for good Bible class material by members of the church.  While she found several people who were providing this sort of material, by and large, there weren’t many sites dedicated to helping our Bible class teachers.  Therefore, she decided to attempt to help fill this void.

Included on her website called “TeachingHelp” are articles dealing with teaching Bible classes, games, crafts, and lessons.

As I said, the site is relatively new, consequently, there is a limited amount of information available at the present.  But week by week, this site will continue to add resources that you may find helpful.

If you’re a Bible class teacher, take a minute and visit her site at  If you are a preacher, why don’t you pass this site along to the women who teach in the congregation where you work.

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  • Thanks Brother Steve! As a long time teacher of all ages and in a relatively new work, this resource will be so helpful. I belong to a website (denominational) that I use somewhat frequently to help some of our teachers in training but you have to filter it so much that it’s hard. I will definitely check this out. Again thanks to you and Kim for this wonderful service! God bless, Laura Dayton, Owenton, Chruch of Christ, Owenton KY

  • Steve, would this website welcome Ideas and lessons from other members of the church? I know my wife has came up with very many lessons, Ideas, games, and crafts, that would be wonderful if shared. I am sure there are many within the Churches of Christ that have also more to offer. We look forward to using this site, I have grown so much as a servant of God from your lessons and are passing them on to others Thanks so much!

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