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If I were to follow the lead of our hyper-sensitive, easily offended society, I might take offense at a recent article I read in the LA Times. The Times reported that “Moxy Hotels,” a subsidiary of Marriott International, has decided to no longer offer any religious materials in their hotel rooms. The decision to remove all bedside Bibles from Moxy Hotels is because their market is “geared toward millennials who are fun-loving.”

See why I could take offense if I wanted to? I’ve always considered myself to be “fun-loving” and the Bible has never gotten in the way of that. Why, I even have the “Andy Griffith Show Theme” as the ringtone on my phone. You can’t get much more “fun-loving” than that!

Actually, the removal of Bibles from Hotel rooms isn’t really a move to cater to “fun-loving” people, but to people who love a different kind of fun than I do. I just happen to find living with an eternal purpose, “fun.” I find pleasing my Heavenly Father, “fun.” I find the development of Christ-likeness a “fun” life-long pursuit. I find waking up in the morning with no shame and no regrets from the night before, “fun.”

So let’s call it like it is. The move to remove Bibles is not an effort to cater to “fun-loving” people, because I have yet to find a Bible-believer who doesn’t “love fun.” No, the removal of Bibles is to cater to people who view the Bible as an unwelcome commentary on their brand of fun.

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  • Yeah might make them feel uncomfortable or make them think about their sin if it’s there

  • I have stayed in quiet a number of hotel rooms through the years. The Bibles in the rooms are virtually untouched. I carry my own Bible with me. In most cases those who don’t read the Bible don’t bother the one that is there. They will spend their time watching TV when they are in the room. My suggestion is that all Christians request a Bible for their rooms. This can be done when booking online with most hotels.

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