How to Lose Our Moral Voice

Several of today’s sins would not have been openly discussed in yesterday’s churches. Things that were once considered abhorrent have been normalized in our culture. Consequently, Christians are rightfully alarmed. We fear for the future of our nation and the world in which our children and grandchildren will live.

So out of concern, we have become vocal. We speak out. We stand up for Jesus. We forcefully and frequently use social media to condemn these sins that were once shameful, but are now becoming accepted as mainstream, normal behaviors. But in order to have a moral voice in our culture, we must be consistent. We cannot be viewed as being militantly opposed to some sins while seemingly overlooking other sins which are condemned on the same moral principles. In other words, we have to correct our “selective outrage” against some sins and not others if the world is to ever take us seriously. For example…

  • Homosexuality. As the practice of homosexuality has become normalized in our culture, Christians have become more and more vocal in their opposition to it. But why be known for your opposition to homosexual behavior which is not God’s plan for sexual expression, and be silent with reference to pre-marital, heterosexual behavior?  Aren’t they both a deviation of God’s divine arrangement?  Statistics show that virginity, even among Christian singles is decreasing more and more. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the vocal, militant cry against this sin? When are we going to rid ourselves of the dismissive attitude that says, “Boys will be boys?” If you feel compelled to stop listening to artists, and watching shows that promote the homosexual agenda, do you also feel compelled to stop listening to artists, and watching shows that promote pre-marital sexual promiscuity? Until we become as vocal against pre-marital, heterosexual sin as we are homosexual sin, the world won’t take us seriously.
  • Same-Sex Marriage. Countless Christians have rallied in defense of the biblical pattern for marriage. We have shamelessly vocalized our opposition to same-sex marriage, as well we should, but where is our voice when it comes to the topic of “divorce and remarriage?” When’s the last time you have seen or posted a tweet, meme, graphic or Facebook post against the sin of divorce? On the other hand, when’s the last time you have seen or posted something condemning same-sex marriage? Both divorce and same-sex marriage are a deviation from God’s pattern for the home. Far more people are engaging in the sin of “divorce and remarriage” than the sin of same-sex marriage, so where’s our voice?  Where are the posts? Where are the graphics and memes? Why the selective outrage?
  • Transgenderism. While most people who lived in our grandparent’s generation would be shocked to learn that transgenderism is something the church would have to speak out against, here we are. But tell me, before you speak out against transgenderism, which is a deviation of God’s designed gender roles, have you also spoken out against men abdicating their spiritual leadership in the home and church, which is also a deviation of God’s designed gender role? Have you spoken out against women who have forsaken their God’s designed gender role of being keepers of the home? If not, how can we condemn one while justifying the other? Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner is a much easier target than the men and women we personally know who have abdicated their God-given roles. But the world sees through the subjectivity of such selective outrage.

Friends, my point in bringing these matters to our attention is not to minimize, normalize, or justify any sin. Nor is the intent to cause people to say less about these sins. Quite the contrary. The purpose of this article is to cause us to realize that any deviation from God’s divinely appointed roles or relationships is sinful. Don’t allow your outrage against sin be selective. “Abhor that which is evil and cleave to that which is good” (Romans 12:9). Don’t give the world reason to dismiss your moral voice because they see in you an unwillingness to condemn all sin.  Give it some thought.

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