“iDevotions” – A New iPhone/iTouch/iPad App

Yesterday, with the technical help of Tyler Brassfield, I added an iPhone/iTouch/iPad app in the iTunes store.  For some time now, I have wondered how one could take advantage of the ever growing medium of the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad.  According to some figures I recently saw, there are more than 100 million such devices in the hands of people today.  So I thought it would be a good idea to use this medium as a way to try to get biblical material into the hands of people.

This new app is called “iDevotions” and contains the following:

  • My blog (that you’re reading now).
  • My MercEmail (pronounced Mercy-Mail) weekly devotional articles.
  • 90 Second audio devotional messages.
  • Audio of my weekly sermons
  • And links to a few helpful sites.
  • Another cool feature is if you find an article or audio message on the app that you like, with just a click of a button, you can share a link to that that article or audio file on your Facebook account.

If you’ve not yet downloaded this app, I hope you’ll do so and check it out.  Also, I hope you’ll tell your friends about it.

Let me also put in a plug for Tyler Brassfield.  Tyler is the brother in Christ who is responsible for putting my app together.  I sketched out what I wanted the app to do, and Tyler made it happen.  If you’re interested in developing an app for yourself or for your congregation, contact Tyler.  There’s a link to his website in my app.  If you’re think that an app sounds cool, but you don’t know what you could do with it, here are a few ideas:

  • Biblical articles
  • Daily Devotional Thoughts
  • Audio messages (brief messages to your Sunday sermons)
  • Calendar of Upcoming Church Events
  • “Push” messages to subscribers
  • Sermon Outlines
  • Directions & Map to Church Building
  • Blog
  • Question & Answer Forum
  • Weekly Service schedule for members
  • Weekly Church Newsletter

Well, those are a few ideas.  Do any of you have any other ideas?  If so, post them in the comments section.

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  • Dear Brother Steve,

    This is a great app and an answer to prayer. I had recently commented to a brother that many denominations and even cults are taking advantage of the iPhone and iPod Touch technology to promulgate their teachings, and that our brotherhood, sadly was being left behind, as others forged ahead. I quickly downloaded your app to my iPod Touch and after using it for a while I posted my review of the same

    Two things that might be good would be the ability to magnify the small font in order to facilitate reading, and perhaps including a Bible app or link to an online Bible from within your app.

    Thank you for your foray into this new venue for the glory of God (Eph. 3:20-21). I pray that all who download this app will be blessed and grow in their knowledge of the truth (Eph. 4:15; 2 Pet. 3:18), and continue therein (John 8:31-32; Acts 13:43; Rom. 11:22).

  • I bought an iPod touch this weekend and the first thing I thought of was your app. I am so excited to get to use it everyday. Thank u for creating it!

  • I just downloaded your iPad app and am typing on it now. I like what I have seen so far. Good work.

  • I am not even a teen yet but my dad is a preacher at a church called ozark Christian church and he would love ur sermon the lost church soo I am going to send it to him

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