I’m Offended!

offendedAmerica has become a hyper-sensitive society. It seems nothing can be said or done without offending someone. “Politically correct” landmines are everywhere making it difficult to navigate without hurting someone’s feelings.”

The response of some has been to snub their noses and say, “I don’t care what people think; they can just get over it!” However, before we get frustrated and adopt this same approach, let me remind you that Paul said, “I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22).

Instead of not caring what others think, Paul teaches us we should care what other people think. Consequently, I must learn to walk “softly.” I want to be careful that I don’t “destroy with food the one for whom Christ died” (Romans 14:15). Or to put it in more culturally relevant terms, I don’t want to destroy with “gun control,” “socialized medicine,” “immigration,” or “racial issues” the one for whom Christ died.

Having said all that, I must confess that I am going to unapologetic offend some people. Not maliciously, mind you, but by the very nature of who I am and what I promote. You see, the gospel of Jesus is offensive (Galatians 5:11). It condemns us. It tells us our choices have been immature, selfish, and yes, evil. It reminds us we are weak and need saving. Without euphemisms, it declares we are all sinners and charges us with guilt for the death of Jesus.

There’s just no way you can market that message, dress it up, and package it in such a way that it is no longer offensive. By its very nature, the gospel is offensive.

While we should give great care not to unnecessarily offend people, even people who have been conditioned to be hyper-sensitive, we must never allow political correctness to remove the offense of the gospel.

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