It’s A Pitcher’s Mound

I guess you have to have known my dad to fully appreciate this one, but for those of you who didn’t know him, I’ll introduce you to one of his character traits. Dad loved his lawn. I have countless memories of my dad working in the lawn. Dad didn’t just work in the lawn, he “groomed” the lawn (remember those hand-held scissor tools used for trimming? I was never so thankful than for the invention of the weed eater!).

Anyway, our yard was pristine, beautifully manicured…except for one spot in the back. There was a bare spot in the middle of our back yard where no grass would grow. One day, someone was visiting with my dad, and he could obviously see Dad took great pride in his yard. So he asked my dad why there was a bare spot in the back yard. My dad’s response to him was simply, “Don’t you know a pitcher’s mound when you see one?”

You see, as much as my dad loved his lawn, he loved his son more. Dad wasn’t raising grass, he was raising a boy. And I for one, am thankful for his perspective. It’s easy for us, with all of life’s distractions, to lose sight of our priorities. Don’t waste your time, strength, and resources on things that don’t matter. Life, and especially eternity, is too long to live with regrets. Give it some thought.

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