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leadership-workshopLast Saturday I was invited to participate in the Western Kentucky Leadership Workshop, which was hosted by the Briensburg congregation in Benton, KY.  This was the first year I attended; in fact, this was the first year I knew about the event.  I can tell you that Gary Knuckles, and the Briensburg congregation really did a fantastic job hosting this gathering and covering all the bases.

Pictured above were this year’s speakers.  Tom Holland, Hugh Fulford, Gary Knuckles, William Woodson, David Powell, and I’m the tall one shoved to the back row (again)!  They also had ladies’ classes which were taught by Donna Faughn.

I came away from the weekend encouraged, recharged, and with a lot of good material that I will be working into lessons in the near future.  I would encourage anyone reading this to make plans to attend this good event next year.  If I understand it correctly, this Leadership Workshop is scheduled for the third Saturday in March.

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  • Steve, For several years I have enjoyed your writings. The Leadership Workshop lineup looked good. Do you have the email address where I can see about getting c.d’s of the lessons? Thanks.

  • Dear Brothe Steve H,

    How do you do? I am fine.
    I am a member of Church of Christ in Indonesia.I know brother Peter Chin, Stephen Higley, and Gary Young. I need some lessons in ledership because Indonesia is developing country and our Church is lacked of Christian’s books. Please send your lessons to hobiperkutut@yahoo.com

    God bless you.

    Daud W (Subang, west Java island, Indonesia)

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